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1.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。

A. exercise

B. except

C. coffee

D. journey


2.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。






3.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。

A. stop

B. program

C. soul

D. below


4.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。


B. professional

C. hospital

D. oral


5.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。







6.She had changed so much that I could hardly __________ her.

A. differ

B. find out

C. explain

D. recognize


解析: 本句句意是:她变化如此大,我几乎认不出她了。

7.Little __________ what others think.

A. does he care about

B. did he care about

C. he cares about

D. he cared about



8.He was busy yesterday; otherwise he __________to the meeting.

A. would have come

B. would come

C. could come

D. had come


解析: 表示对过去发生事实的假设要用虚拟语气。

9.Excuse me, are you waiting for the bus?

Yes, I am. But the bus is so late. __________,how can I get to No. 1 Middle School?

A. In the way

B. On the way

C. Out of the way

D. By the way


解析:从整个语境中可以看出,所填部分为一独立成分,是引起所问问题的插入语,应用by the way,意思是“顺便问一下”。

10.__________ more careful, his ship would not have sunk.

A. If the captain were

B. Had the captain been

C. Should the captain be

D. If the captain would have been


解析: 由主句谓语可判断,从句应表示与过去事实相反的情况,虚拟条件句中的谓语应 用过去完成时。动词放句首的倒装形式表明是虚拟语气。Had the captain been=If the captain had been。

11. I'd met her many times before yesterday.


A. did I

B. had I

C. I did

D. I had


解析: 本句是对上句的重复,尽管用so开头,语序也不倒装。

12.Happily for john's mother, he is working harder to __________ his lost time.

A. make up for

B. keep up with

C. catch up with

D. make use of


解析:make up for意为“弥补”;keep up with意为“跟上”;catch up with意为“赶上”;make use of意为“利用”。约翰的母亲很高兴看到他为了弥补浪费的时间而努力。

13.I will go back to my hometown as soon as I __________ my examinations.

A. will finish

B. finish

C. has finished

D. would finish


解析: 时间状语从句中要用一般现在时表示将来。

14.Tom writes as __________ as her brother.

A. clear

B. more clear

C. clearly

D. most clearly


解析: as...as...表示“和……一样”,本结构中用形容词或副词的原级。

15.I recognized John __________ he entered the room.

A. hardly

B. the minute

C. no sooner

D. at once


解析: the minute引导时间状语从句,表示“一……就……”。

16.I enjoy the concert last night; they played __________ beautiful music.

A. such

B. such a

C. so

D. so a


解析: 这里要强调的是名词:音乐。所以应用such修饰。so修饰形容词。music是不可数名词,不能用不定冠词。所以应选择A项。

17.It is not polite to __________ a speaker when he is making a speech.

A. interrupt

B. cease

C. oppose

D. inquire


解析: interrupt意为“打断”;cease意为“停止”;oppose意为“反对”;inquire意为“询问”。

18.Fond of singing as she is, she is __________ a good singer by profession.

A. everything but

B. something but

C. nothing but

D. anything but


解析: anything but意为“绝对不”;nothing but意为“仅仅,只”;but一般不与something、everything连用。

19.Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and __________.

A. the others are not

B. another is inexperienced

C. the other is not

D. others are inexperienced


解析: 表示两者中的“另一个”用the other。

20.__________the more you are aware of content and meaning.

A. The more words you are familiar to

B. The more words you are familiar with

C. You are familiar to more words

D. You are familiar with more words


解析: 句型“the more...the more...”表示“越……越……”;be familiar with表示“熟悉,通晓”。


As you may know,the best way to keep yourself physically fit is to exercise every day.The. (21__________) is that you should (22 __________)physical fitness part of your (23__________) routine.It is the same.with mental fitness. ( 24__________ ) you want to be able to think well and to learn well,you (25__________ ) exercise your mind daily.

As with phsical fitrtess,there are a (26__________ ) 0f activities you can do to keep in contro1.However,over the (27__________ ) run,the very best way to exercise your mind is to (28__________) the habit of readin9.Here is why.Think of the difference,between watching television and (29__________ ) a book. Watching television is a passive experience.You sit,you look,and you listen.Such concentration is (30 __________) by outside stimulation(刺激).Reading.a book,on the other hand.requires (31__________) concentration.As you read,you must,put in a great deal of effort to look at the words,(32__________)0ut what they mean,and build、.up images,thoughts and opinions within your (33__________) Druing your reading,if you stop concentrating,even (34 __________) a second, eyerything stops.Nothing happens,until you start concentrating again.For this reason,reading regularly forces you to (35__________) your powers of concentration,a skill whose value would be difficult to overpraise.

( )21.A.thing





( )22.A.cause





( )23.A.daily





( )24.A.Until





( )25.A.may





( )26.A.pair





( )27.A.LOng





( )28.A.change





( )29.A.reading





( )30.A.done





( )31.A.passive





( )32.A.figure





( )33.A.understanding





( )34.A.for





( )35 A share









Uncle Sam is a tall, thin man.He's an older man with white hair and a white beard.He often wears a tall hat, a bow tie, and the stars and stripes of the American flag.

Who is this strange-looking man? Would you believe that Uncle Sam is the US government? But why do you call the US government Uncle Sam?

During the War of 1812, the US government hired meat packers to provide meat to the army.One of these meat packers was a man named Samuel Wilson.Samuel was a friendly and fair man.Everyone liked him and called him Uncle Sam.

Sam Wilson stamped the boxes of meat for the army with a large US for United States.Some government inspectors came to look over Sam's company.

They asked a worker what the US on the boxes stood for.As a joke, the worker answered that these letter stood for the name of his boss, Uncle Sam.

The joke spread, and soldiers began saying that their food came from Uncle Sam.Before long, people called all things that came from the government "Uncle Sam"."Uncle Sam" became a nickname for the US government.

Soon there were drawings and cartoons of Uncle Sam in newspapers.In these early pictures, Uncle Sam was a young man.He wore stars and stripes, but his hair was dark and he had no beard.The beard was added when Abraham Lincoln was President.President Lincoln had a beard.

The most famous picture of Uncle Sam is on a poster from World War I.The government needed men to fight in the war.In the poster, a very serious Uncle Sam points his finger and says "I want YOU for the US Army."

36.Uncle Sam often wears a tall hat, __________, and the stars and stripes of the American flag.

A. dark hair

B. a bow tie

C. a box

D. a shirt



37.Government inspectors came to __________ Sam's meat-packing company.

A. ask

B. stand for

C. look over

D. see


解析: 由“inspector”可知,这些人是来视察、检查的,所以选C。

38.In the drawing and cartoons of Uncle Sam __________.

A. he wore the stars and stripes

B. he never had a beard

C. he had no hair

D. he wore a bow tie


解析: 参见倒数第二段。

39.Sam Wilson stamped the boxes of meat for the army with a large US for __________.

A. Uncle Sam

B. United States

C. Soldiers

D. America


解析: 参见第四段。


Families separated by the Florida Straits were overjoyed Tuesday and Miami-based charter companies rushed to add seats and flights to their Havana routes after the Obama administration decided to let more Americans visit Cuba as often as they want, and spend as much as they like.

The policy changes are sure to put more money into Cuba's dying economy, and many would-be travelers are already call for still more barriers to fall. Even Fidel Castro (菲德尔?卡斯特罗) , who had belittled the changes Monday, yielded Tuesday that they were "positive, although minimal".

The United States still doesn't let most Americans without ties to Cuba visit the island or send in money.But the change, announced Monday by the Obama administration, was among the most significant openings in the half-century of hostilities between the two countries.

During the Bush administration, Americans with immediate family members on the island could visit once every three years and send up to $100 a month to their families.

Now, there are no limits to travel or expense, and the definition of family is expanded to include relatives as distant as second cousins, as well as anyone else who lives as "family" in the home of the authorized traveler.

40.According to the article, what will this change in policy do for Cuba?

A. It will boost the Cuban econom

B. It will help defeat Fidel Castr

C. It will make more Cubans come to the United State

D. It will decrease the number of Cubans coming to the United State



41.Under the new regulations, how often are Cuban-Americans allowed to visit their relatives in Cuba?

A. As often as they lik

B. Once every three year

C. Once a yea

D. Twice a yea


解析: 第一段。美国人可以想什么时候去古巴就什么时候去。

42.How long have Cuba and the United States maintained a "hostile" relationship?

A. About 20 year

B. About 30 year

C. About 40 year

D. About 50 year


解析: 第三段。奥巴马政府所给的这个变化为两个敌对了半个世纪的国家打开了大门。半个世纪为50年。

43.Under George W.Bush, how much money could Cuban-Americans send to their family members?

A. As much as they wanted

B. Up to $100 a mont

C. Up to $100 a yea

D. Up to $100 every three year


解析: 第四段。布什政府时期,两边的亲友每三年探望一次,每月可寄给古巴亲友100美元。


People need to be active to be healthy.Our modem lifestyle and all the conveniences we've become used to have made us sitting much of the time - and that's dangerous for our health.Sitting around in front of the TV or the computer, riding in the car for even a short trip to the store and using elevators instead of stairs, all contribute to our inactivity.Physical inactivity is as dangerous to our health as smoking!

Add up your activities during the day in periods of at least 10 minutes each.Start slowly ...and build up.If you're already doing some light activities move up to more moderate ones.A little is good, but more is better if you want to achieve health benefits.

Scientists say add up 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve your health.Time needed depends on effort - as you progress to moderate activities, you can cut down to thirty minutes, four days a week.

Physical activity doesn't have to be very hard to improve your health.This goal can be reached by building physical activities into your daily routine.Just add up in periods of at least ten minutes each throughout the day.After three months of regular physical activity, you will notice a difference - people often say getting started is the hardest part.

(From Handbook for Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living p.4.Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Ottawa, Ontario, 1998)

44.Nowadays people __________.

A. are less active than in the past

B. are more active than in the past

C. are sitting as much as they used to be

D. are sitting as less as they used to be



45.Time needed for physical activity depends on __________.

A. health

B. effort

C. money

D. kinds of activities


解析: 第三段,科学家说每天的运动时间叠加起来60分钟会使你保持健康或改善你的健康。运动时间的长短依据你的努力。

46.You can improve your health by __________.

A. bringing physical activity into your timetable

B. eating less and less during short periods of time

C. relaxing and keeping coolD.

D.getting as many activities as you can


解析: 第四段,运动并不难,只要把运动加入到日常生活当中,使其成为生活的一部分就可以达到目的。

47.People say that __________

A. they do not have time for physical activity

B. they do not know the suitable physical activity

C. getting into physical activity is not so difficult

D. getting into physical activity is the most difficult part


解析: 较后一句话,人们认为万事开头难。


The winter in Iceland has been one of the worst ever.An animal that was born in Iceland and just returned there has enjoyed the weather.Keiko is a killer whale who is now living in a hidden bay.

When Keiko was one or two years old, he was captured.This was in 1979.In 1982 he was moved to an amusement part in Ontario, Canada.Three years later another park took him to Mexico City.There, the 6.4-meter (21-foot) whale lived in a small pen with water that was too warm.In1993 the "Free Willy" movie made people aware of his state.In 1996 the Free Willy Keiko Foundation moved him to a pool in an aquarium in Newport, Oregon.

The foundation has spent over $12 million to return Keiko to Iceland, his home.Late last year the 40,000-pound (18,100-kilogram) whale was flown on a C-17 transport plane to pen near the Wesman Islands.

Critics thought Keiko would suffer in the cold water.Instead, he is enjoying the cold and becomes more active.He likes to jump out of the water to get sprayed by the salt spray.Since his return, he acts more like a wild whale.He dives more often, eats more live fish, and is more active.

Keiko still isn't ready to go out alone into the open sea.Trainers hope to put him in a larger bay.They also hope to train him to follow a boat.They don't know what Keiko will do when he meets other sea animals.So far the only animals who have come near Keiko's cage left when they saw him.

They would like to let Keiko free this summer.No one knows if he will be ready.If he isn't, the Keiko Foundation is ready to take care of him.It will cost about $1 million a year.

48.Critics thought that Keiko would __________.

A. die from the cold water in Iceland

B. be happy to return home

C. want to be free

D. be less active



49.Keiko has __________.

A. enjoyed being with other sea animals

B. killed other sea animals that have come into his pen

C. had limited contact with other sea animals

D. is ready to go to the open sea


解析: 倒数第二段。鲸鱼还是不想单独到宽阔的大海里去。训鲸员想知道如果遇到其他的海洋动物它会怎么做。由此可见这头鲸鱼很少与其他的海洋动物接触。

50.This summer trainers hope to __________.

A. give Keiko a freedom in the wild

B. immediately set him free

C. move him to another aquarium

D. still keep him in the cage


解析: 参见较后一段。训鲸员准备在夏天的时候给它自由。但不知它是否已经准备好了。

51.IfKeiko can't adjust to the wild, the foundation __________.

A. will set him free anyway

B. will bring him back to the United States

C. will take care of him for the rest of his life

D. won't be able to take care of him


解析: 参见较后一段。如果鲸鱼不能适应自然的环境,Keik0的基金会会以每年一百万美元的花费来照看它。那就意味着照看它终生,而不把它放回大自然。


Many people catch a cold in the springtime and/or fall.It makes us wonder., if scientists can send a man to the moon, why can't they find a cure for the common cold.The answer is easy.There are literally hundreds of kinds of cold viruses out there.You never know which one you will get, so there isn't a cure for each one.

When a virus attacks your body, your body works hard to get rid of it.Blood rushes to your nose and brings congestion with it.You feel terrible because you can't breathe well, but your body is actually "eating" the virus.Your temperature rises and you get a fever, but the heat of your body is killing the virus.You also have a runny nose to stop the virus from getting to your cells.You may feel miserable, but actually your wonderful body is doing everything it can to kill the cold.

Different people have different remedies for colds.In the United States and some other countries, for example, people might eat chicken soup to feel better.Some people take hot baths and drink warm liquids.Other people take medicines to stop the fever, congestion, and runny nose.

There is one interesting thing to note--some scientists say taking medicines when you have a cold is actually bad for you.The virus stays in you longer because your body doesn't have a way to fight it and kill it.Bodies can do an amazing job on their own.There is a joke, however, on taking medicine when you have a cold.It goes like this:

If takes about one week to get over a cold if you don't take medicine, but only seven days to get over a cold if you take medicine.

52.The reason that scientists cannot cure a common cold is __________.

A. we don't know how we get cold

B. we aren't sure the exact kind of cold viruses

C. we don't know when we will catch cold

D. we aren't sure the exact scientific method



53.When we catch cold, how does our body work hard?

A. Our runny nose stops our breat

B. Our temperature rises to make us feel miserabl

C. Our blood rushes into our cell

D. Our nose, fever, and blood work together to kill viru


解析: 第二段说明我们身体自身的保护能力。流鼻涕、发烧都是为了杀死病毒。

54.Scientists say when we catch cold, __________.

A. taking medicine

B. seeing a doctor

C. leaving it to your body

D. making a joke to your friend


解析: 第三段接着说科学家认为感冒吃药实际上对身体有害,所以,还是让自身的能力去与病毒斗争吧。

55.The joke means taking medicine __________.

A. is better than not taking it

B. needs longer time to recover

C. is the same with no medicine

D. has no effect


解析: 参见较后一段。所以有这么一个笑话:感冒时,如果你不吃药,得需要整整一周才能恢复;但如果你吃药,7天就好了。所以,吃不吃药都一样。而吃了药反而会对身体不好,所以是有影响的。




A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book

Mary:We couldn’t ask for a better day,could we?

John:I know. 56__________________________________________________.I love this time of the year.

Mary:This bus seems to be running late,doesn’t it? 57 __________________________________________________ ?

John:I've been here for at least ten minutes.

Mary:Ah,here comes a bus!

John:Oh good.Wait ! 58 __________________________________________________ .That bus goes downtown.

Mary:Well,it looks like we’11 be waiting a little longer. 59 __________________________________________________ ,I guess.

John:Oh,I'm afraid you have no time for that.Here’s our bus.

Mary:Oh great! I thought it would never come.

John: 60 __________________________________________________ !

Mary:You too.


A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book



A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book



A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book



A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book



A.Where are you going today

B.That’s not our bus

C.I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

D.There isn’t a cloud in the sky

E.Did you catch the news today

F.How long have you been waiting

G.Have a nice day

H.Don’t forget your book








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